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Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart
integration part II 
27th-Sep-2007 03:53 am
Status: 10/26

in all excitement of showing new stuff, i had almost forgotten to introduce my previous works (: (some of which are still available!)
SALE! almost all below $10 (:
prices include postage

click below for more information

Acushla&Ardor:$8/mismatched pair

a cluster earring that can be paired for both formal and casual outfits with very versatile colours and swamped with semiprecious stones!

contains: jadeite stones and chips, amethyst, cats eye beads and pearls, painted glass beads


totally accentuates the neck

conatins: pearl, amethyst, cats eye beads


a compliment to Sepia and just as pretty

contains: toggles, pearls, cats eye beads, amethyst.


awesomely pretty double charm bracelet. it took me an awful long time to make, thus NO REMAKES (and therefore its name)

contains:toomany beads to count. including semi-precious stones and glass beads

Flight of Fancy:$15$12

personally one of my favourites (: very sweet and versatile

contains: shell cubes, pearls, flower clasp

High Society

chic and sleek

contains: heel charm, genuine swarovski crystals


simplistic and versatile and well, i like round things.

contains: pearls.


cute lively colours for those who want to brighten up their day (:

contains: painted glass beads, pearls


awesomely cute fish!

contains: metal fish, coral chips, pearl

to look good from the back (:

contains: turquoise,pearls,jadeite chips, jadeite stones, cats eye beads


in full bloom

contains: filigree butterfly, flolwer charms, genuine swarovski crystals, pearls

oriental: $15/pair

can be paired with any sunny outfit from casual to formal

contains: exquisite glass bead, pearl, chain


for lack of better names. very sweet for those days when you don't want to be too showy. I apologise for the blur picture. The tensha beads are actually a translucent white with pretty rose details

contains: genuine swarovski pearls, glass flowers, tensha beads


literally choked full with semi-precious stones to form a lovely cluster bracelet

contains:too many things to list

midnight: $15/pair

really striking colours of gold and black ( the photo does it no justice! but you can see the stones again in a choker i made below) simplistic for those LBDs and sort (:

contains: glass beads, pearls


just gorgeous against denim

contains: acrylic heart, lock charm, pearls, swarovski crystals

winecharms:$28 per set$25 per set

for a nice surprising present to delight the parents. A lovely conversation starter for those little dinner parties

contains: charms, various stones


To look classy with those casual beach, bohemian outfits

contains: frosted silver rings, pearls, blue and green jadeites, cats eye beads

childsplay revisited:$8

A less complicated version of Childsplay for the youth and the youth at heart x)

contains: painted glass beads, glass cubes, coral chips, pearls


cute and square the green picasso beads are fully rotate-able!

contains: lime green picasso tablets, shell frames, pearl

oberon: $8/pair
2 pairs sold

the master of the midnight skies

contains: pearls, wire


need i say more?

contains: wirework, filigree and acrylic butterflies, pearls, crystals

midnight elegance: $18

absolutely gorgeous for those formal outfits

contains: glass beads, wiring, pearls


made by Bennett my little brother :D  its really pretty to add sparkle to your face

contains: glass cubes, swarovski crystals, pearls


colourful and lively

contains: painted glassbeads, pearls, coral chips

youth customised

this design was requested, with three lengths of chain with details. Do order your own customizations either for this design or others and the pricing will be emailed to you

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