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Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart
10th-Sep-2007 07:07 am

elegance by Henry Ascenio
simplicity that really shines through
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the graceful curves accentuate the neck and the versatile simplicity is wonderful. my dad's favourite

contains: glossy square acrylic beads, crystals, curved chain


goes with a pretty formal look which you don't want to be too showy but still classy
note: i will cap the bigger pearl with bronze caps for a nicer finish

contains: pearls, genuine swarovski crystals
note: approx 5cm down

only have one pair

my mommy absolutely adores them (sale is still tentative!) and i too feel my designs are getting more professional. its really very exquisite.

contains: maroon glass beads, pearls, wire, chain, red glass teardrops
note: approx 6.5 cm down

cruzada:$10 with chain

there's nothing more beautiful

contains: wire, acrylic flowers, pearls, crystals, dove charm, angel charm, chain
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